The image is based on the bitname Postgres docker image. Please refer to the Postgres image documentation for a full list of supported features and flags.



Run docker image

docker run -p 5432:5432 --name lantern-extras -e 'ALLOW_EMPTY_PASSWORD=yes' -d lanterndata/lantern-bitnami

Connect to database

docker exec -ti lantern-extras psql -U postgres

Test Lantern

The first run of each model will take longer as it will download the model file and tokenizer.

CREATE EXTENSION lantern_extras;
SELECT get_available_models(); -- get available models
SELECT clip_text('Hello world!'); -- generate embeddings using openai clip model (textual)
SELECT clip_image(''); -- generate embeddings using openai clip model (visual)
-- using any model from the list
SELECT text_embedding('BAAI/bge-small-en', 'Hello world!');